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Elder Response to COVID-19

Update 5-20-2020

First Christian Church Arcadia Reopening Plan



Our objective is to return to in-person worship services in a way that honors God, is done correctly, and done safely for the good of the congregation.



Our goal is to begin reopening the physical campus in phases. Phase 1 of reopening will begin June 7, 2020.



As shepherds of the congregation at First Christian Church in Arcadia, FL, we have come to a consensus that it is safe for us to begin reopening our physical church campus. This decision came after much prayer, research, and honest discussion. Based on the data from the CDC and Florida Department of health we believe it is safe for us to begin gathering in person for worship services.

Our approach is to begin reopening in phases. We realize that not everyone is going to feel comfortable with the idea of being back in church amidst this pandemic. Although we desire for us to come together, we understand and encourage those who do not feel ready to return to remain in their homes. We support fully whatever decision you as a member and attender of First Christian Church is necessary for you and your family.

With that in mind this document will serve as an outline and guide to the processes and safety measures we will take in order to have in person worship again.



1.  We have assembled a clean team with Greg Ward as point person. This team will be responsible for cleaning and sanitizing all areas in the Sanctuary building. This team will also clean and sanitize at the conclusion of every service.

2.  All carpets and pews have been professionally cleaned and sanitized so that our clean team can maintain a proper sanitization level.

3.  We have a proper supply of anti-bacterial soap in all bathrooms. We have ample cleaning/sanitary supplies



1.  There will only be one service on Sundays at 10:30 am. All other services, classes, studies, meeting, fellowships, small groups will remain closed until further notice.

2.  Only the sanctuary building will be open for worship. All other buildings will remain closed to public access until further notice.

3.  Only the north side glass entrance will be utilized to limit the amount of contact with doors. Greeters will open doors for all people. Signage will be posted.

4.  We will not pass out bulletins until further notice.

5.  Every other row of seating will be closed down to promote safe social distancing.


6.  We ask everyone to either wash their hands or use hand sanitizer before entering the sanctuary. A Sanitizer station will be made available.

7.  We will not mandate but encourage all congregants to wear face masks. We will provide one-time use masks for those that desire to use one but don’t have one of their own.

8.  We encourage all congregant to spread out as much as reasonable but we reserve the right to ask people to shift or relocate based on need.


Worship Service:

1.  In keeping with CDC guidelines we will limit the amount of singing in the service. We will open with a song of gathering but we encourage you to simply listen to the words of the song.

2.  We will utilize this time to become more focused on prayer and scripture reading.



1.  Due to the shortage of disposable communion packages we will continue using the double cup method. All communion will be prepped on Sunday morning. Gloves and masks must be worn during prep.

2.  No trays will be passed. Ushers will invite families to come to the table, get their communion elements and return to their seats. Those that have mobility issues may raise their hand to have the emblems brought to them.



1.  No offering trays will be passed. You may leave your gift in the bucket located at the back of the sanctuary or you may use our new online giving platform. More information will be presented over the coming weeks.



1.  We encourage all congregants to bring their own bibles or use a bible app. No pew bibles or hymnals will be made available until further notice.

2.  Pastor Dave will still have notes on screen during the message. You are encouraged to take your own notes or a digital outline will be available on our website,

3.  For those who wish to remain at home, sermon video will be available through all our online platforms as soon as possible. We are working on getting a live stream set up but we are not ready yet. Please be patient with us.



1.  At the conclusion of services ushers will dismiss one row at a time. This is meant to prevent clumping at the exit.

2.  Please do not linger in the church building. We ask that when you are dismissed you exit the building. No one will be allowed back in.

3.  Clean team will sanitize and clean the sanctuary building to prepare for service next week.

4.  No one will be permitted into any building on campus without an appointment.


Concluding Thoughts:

This system is far from perfect. But it was the best solution we felt was appropriate in order for us to facilitate in person worship services. We ask for everyone to have grace and patience and forgiveness with us as a leadership and with one another.

This process will have bumps in the road but over time we will get into a solid rhythm and slowly we will begin to re-phase in other elements of church life.

Please understand our hearts when we say we desire to do things in a manor that above all honors God and also safeguards and protects you as a member of this church body.

If you have questions or concerns please feel free to contact Pastor Dave at the church.

Phone: 863-494-4355




In Christ,


The Elders of First Christian Church

Carl Albritton

Sid Albritton

Ray Peterson

John Ward

Dave Woodrum

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